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Removal of Odours with Ozone Generator

There are no other means that can compare with using the natural properties of ozone in combating odours.

Ozone does not mask odours because it permanently destroyes odour causing molecules on contact.

Standard Ozone generators utilizes ambient air (which only contains 21% oxygen of volume available) as input gas for the conversion to ozone.

Our Ozone generator has been specifically designed to incorporate an oxygen concentrator, producing an input gas of 98% pure oxygen for conversion into ozone.

Due to the high concentration of ozone produced, our ozone generator is capable of neutralizing even the most severe odours over a greater area in a much

shorter space of time.

Ozone Applications:

- Odours from contaminated hard surfaces ( e.g. bodily fluid on a concrete surface etc.)

- Odours in penetrated porous surfaces (e.g. furniture in the area of an unattended death etc.)

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