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Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do you have?

See our Credentials page

What does a scene cleanup cost?

Scene/Trauma cleaning is charged at an hourly rate for technicians, incineration fees and cleaning products.

What does a forensic investigation cost?

Forensic investigations are charged according to the specific investigation, and can range from R400 per hour to R500 per hour.

Travelling is charged at R5 per km.  

Testimony in court is charged at R2000 per day excluding the use of specialized equipment and travelling fees.

How soon can you do it?

Any Investigation or Scene cleanup can usually be started within an hour of activation.

How long will it take?

The time spent on a scene for a cleanup depends on the size of the scene and the amount of hazardous waste.

A vehicle can typically be cleaned within a day, as can concentrated scenes in a single room.

What certification do you need?

We are registered with various government departments as a service provider.

Proof of registration can be provided on request

What happens to the hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is delivered to a registered incinerator.

Will any smells or odours remain?

Smells/odours will not remain.  Families should take into consideration that psychological odours could be experienced.

Will any visuals remain?

In most instances, visuals of especially blood will not remain, however, in certain circumstances with certain painted areas, a slight discolouration could remain.

We can repaint certain areas if requested.  

What cleaning products do you use?

Industrial cleaning products are used on certain areas, however, eco friendly products are mostly used and are not harmful.

Can fingerprints be developed on soft or porous materials?

Fingerprints can be developed on most surfaces depending on external factors, such as exposure to the elements and handling of the object/area.

Can a partial print be identified?

Partial prints can be compared with a known set of prints for exclusion/inclusion.

How long after a fingerprint was deposited can it be developed?

Fingerprints can be developed a long time after deposition depending on the exposure of the object to various environmental factors or elements.

Do you have access to the police fingerprint database?

No, individuals have to provide a set of fingerprints willingly for comparison.

In cases where employees have agreed to a set of fingerprints taken by employers and kept on file, they can be used for comparison.

From what can DNA be extracted?

DNA can be extracted from various sources of human cells, such as hair, saliva, blood etc.

How long does the DNA test take?

A DNA test takes approximately 48 to 72 hours.

What are the costs of a DNA test?

Depending on the specific request, a test can be done for approximately R1000

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