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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



In order to use Crime Scene Solutions’ (hereinafter referred to as “Crime Scene Solutions”, “we“, “us” or “our“) website at (the “Website“), our services, or both, you must read and accept all the provisions of our privacy policy ("this Policy"). By using the Website and accepting this Policy, you agree to everything in the Policy and it is as though you have read this Policy. You cannot use the Website  or any services related to it if you do not agree with this Policy.


We believe in safeguarding the protection of the privacy of all visitors (“Visitors”) to our Website and all individuals (“Customers”) who have registered for an account with us (“Account”), whether they have done so in order to purchase products or services (“Shoppers”) or not.


By using this Website you accept this Policy and consent to our collection, storage, processing and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy. If you terminate your Customer account with us, you consent to us storing information you have already provided to us for record-keeping purposes only.


In this Policy we describe the ways in which we use, collect and protect your personal information. In this Policy, we use the term “personal information” to characterise information that could possibly relate to a specific person and to identify a person. Any information that has been made anonymous, we do not consider personal information.

Changes to this Policy


If we chose to amend this Policy, which we may at any time, we will post the amended version on our Website. The amended version will only apply to Visitors with effect from the time we post it. But if you are a Customer, we will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any amendment by posting a notice of the amendment on the Website. The amendment will then apply to Customers with effect from the date indicated in such notice. But if you are a Customer and you are not happy with any of the amendments, you should stop using the Website in any way. You can also request that we deactivate your Account at any time for any reason.


General information about everyone


The below information may be collected, stored and used by us if you, as a Visitor or Shopper use our Website, or any related service:

Internet usage information or passive information collected: as you navigate a website, certain information is automatically passively collected using various technology. Like many other websites, we track your Internet Protocol address (“IP Address”), browsing habits, click patterns, cookie preferences , operational information about the technology you use, the content and pages that you access on the Website, and time spent on the Website and generally other information that technology allows us to collect as you use our Website (“Usage Details”); and

Additional information or active information collected: we collect this type of information only when you voluntarily provide us with this information. This type of information can range from your demographic information or information relating to your participation in additional services offered on our Website (“Optional Details”).


How information is collected

Voluntarily provided by you: Optional Details can be provided by you if you chose to upload or download certain content from the Website, take part in any promotions or surveys and subscribe for services on our Website.

Automatically gathered: Some of the information we may collect is done so automatically because of various technology. These may include:

"Cookies" Information: If you access the Website, we may use cookies (small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters) on your computer to collect certain Usage Details. We may use both session cookies (which disappear as soon you close your web-browser) and persistent cookies (which are not erased after you close your web browser but which you can delete manually. Many major websites on the internet use cookies and if you want to learn more about them and how to change any of your cookie settings, take a look at your web browser “Help” file.

Other tracking technology: Our Website uses analytics software which may also track your activities.


The purpose for which we collect this information:

We will only use Optional Details provided by you for the purposes you allow us to use them for.

We may use your Usage Details to:

Remember information you have provided to us when you access the Website again;

Screen total Website usage metrics

Recommend products which you might like; and

Monitor your entries, submissions, and status related to the Website.



Please note this Policy covers the use of cookies by us only and does not cover the use of cookies or widgets by any third parties on the Website. There may be cookies and widgets (an application that allows a user to access certain functions and services) from our business partners on our Website. We do not have any control over these cookies and widgets and this Policy does not relate to such.


Customer information


We use the information that Customers provide (or that we collect) to run, maintain, improve, and provide all of the features of the Website and any associated services. We also use information that Customers provide to comply with any relevant laws.


If you are a Customer, you agree that we may also electronically collect, store and use the following of your information:

Name and surname, birth date, gender, country, province and city of residence, identity number or passport number (“Personal Details“);

If you are a legal entity, your full name, registration number, country of incorporation (“Corporate Details”), and the Personal Details of all your office bearers; Personal and Corporate Details are used to manage and administer your use of the Website and fulfill any contractual obligations we have to you, including to verify your identity when transacting with us.

E-mail address and/or, your mobile number (“Contact Details“);Contact Details are used to confirm your identity when you may wish to use the Website or transact with us. Your Contact Details will also be used to notify you of facts relating to your use of the Website. If you give us your consent to do so, we may also use your Contact Details and Transaction Details to inform you of competitions and special offers form us or third parties related to us. For more information regarding these optional communications, see section 8 below.

Information relating to your transactional activity on the Website (“Transaction Details”) We use your Transaction Details to keep transaction records, and if you are a Shopper, to ensure that we comply with any obligation we owe to you in accordance with the T&C. We may also use your Transaction Details to improve any services and products we may provide on an anonymous basis.

Additional information you may provide on a voluntary basis (“Additional Details“) Additional Details provided by you may be used to customise your browsing experience on the Website and for purposes you agree to when you provide any Additional Details.

Information relating to third parties for whom you purchase products as gifts (“Third Party Details”). We use the Third Party Details to be able to deliver the product you purchased for such third party and contact such third party if necessary. We will not use such Third Party Details for any other purpose.


How we protect and store personal information:

We store and control on secure servers provided by our international service provider any personal information of our Customers and Visitors. We use computer precautions and measures such as firewalls and data encryption. Any personal information we may have in physical form is protected by restricting access to our buildings and files.

Please be aware that we will never ask for your password in an unsolicited telephone call or e-mail. Never give your Account password to anyone as you are responsible for ensuring that your Account password remains confidential.

If you are not an individual, we may need to communicate with a named contact or alternative contact provided by you. It is your responsibility to let us know of any changes to your chosen contact person in this respect.


How we share personal information with others:


We may share the personal information of each of our Visitors and Customers with -

Law enforcement bodies or third parties when compelled to do so by a court order or similar legal procedure; or compelled to do so to comply with any law; or we believe that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity.

Our service providers who are involved with our business operations but our contracts dictate that these service providers may only use your information in connection with the services they perform for us.

Other third parties, but only with your consent.



Also note that if we sell, transfer or close our business or any similar reorganisation, then we shall be entitled to transfer any or all information collected via the Website (including your personal information) to third parties.


How you can access or change your personal information:


If you would like to review or change the details that you have supplied us with you can either amend your by contacting us on [email protected] or +27 84 253 0030 (Contact centre hours: Weekdays 8:00 – 17:00).


Non-personal Information:


The following information is not regarded as personal information for purposes of this Policy:

Information that does not relate and/or cannot be traced back to you specifically.

Non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by us.

Information which you have provided voluntarily in an open, public environment or forum. This type of information has been voluntarily provided by you a public forum and can no longer be considered confidential.


Optional consent to marketing and service communications:


We strive to provide you with options regarding personal information you provide to us, but it may take up to 14 days for changes to your preferences concerning communications to take effect.


How you can contact us about privacy questions:


If you have questions or concerns regarding this Policy, you should contact us at or +27 21 84 253 0030 (Contact centre hours: Weekdays 8:00 – 17:00).







Access to Information

Manual of Crime Scene Solutions’  in terms of The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (the Act) Introduction to Crime Scene Solutions is a business which conducts business of selling of goods and services. Mrs P van der Westhuizen has been duly appointed to act as the person to whom requests for access to information must be made in terms of the Act.


Contact details of head


Mrs. P van der Westhuizen

[email protected]

+27 84 253 0030

Physical Address:

Parow North

Cape Town

South Africa

Telephone: +27 84 253 0030

Email: [email protected]


The Guide

A Guide on how to use the Act has been compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission. Any person who wishes to exercise any rights contemplated in the Act must direct any queries to:

The South African Human Rights Commission:



The Research and Documentation Department


Postal Address:

Private Bag 2700



South Africa

Telephone: +27 11 877 3600

Facsimile: +27 11 403 0625

E-mail: [email protected]



Records are maintained in accordance with the following legislation


Income Tax Act 58 of 1962

The Unemployment Insurance Act 30 of 1966

Income Tax Act 95 of 1967

Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014

Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991

Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993

Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995

Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997

The Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998

The Skills and Development Act 97 of 1998

Promotion of Access of Information Act 2 of 2000

Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013

Rules for the Attorneys' Profession


Sannitree International has the following records (which are not automatically available without a request in terms of this Act):



Public Product Information

Media Releases

Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual

Internal and external correspondence


Financial Information

Financial Statements

Banking details


Human Resources

Employee Records

Employment Contracts

Personnel Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

Operational Information


Operational Information

Client Information

General Contract Documentation

Company Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

Trade Marks

Statutory Records

General Operational Information



Organisational structure

Organisation and personal profiles

News and Publications


Form of request:


The requester must use the prescribed form to make the request for access to a record. The form may be requested from the Director and is available on the website of the South African Human Rights Commission at and the website of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development at The completed form must be submitted to the Director.

The requester must provide sufficient detail on the request form to enable the Director to identify the record and the requester.

The requester should also indicate which form of access is required.

The requester should also indicate if he or she wishes to be informed in any other manner and state the necessary particulars to be so informed.

The requester must identify the right that he or she is seeking to exercise or protect and provide an explanation as to why the requested record is required for the exercise or protection of that right.

If a request is made on behalf of a person, the requester must submit proof of the capacity in which the requester is making the request to the satisfaction of the Director.




The Director must notify the requester (other than a personal requester) by notice, requiring the requester to pay the relevant fee before further processing the request. A personal requester does not pay such fee. The requester may lodge an application to the court against the tender or payment of the request fee.

The Director will then make a decision on the request and notify the requester in the required form.

If the request is granted then a further access fee must be paid for the search, reproduction, preparation and for any time that had exceeded the prescribed hours to search and prepare the record for disclosure.


Availability of the manual


The manual is available for inspection during office hours by appointment in Cape Town. To arrange for an inspection of the manual, please contact the Director. Copies are also available with the SAHRC and in the Government Gazette.


Prescribed fees and forms in respect of private bodies


The prescribed forms and fees for requests to private bodies are available on the website of the South African Human Rights Commission at and the website of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development at






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