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Scene Reconstruction

A typical scene reconstruction would use police photographs, eye withness statements, post mortem reports, environmental factors, weather conditions on the specific day of the incident and the reconstructionrecount of the accused or defendant in order to sketch the most accurate version of the possible incident and test the voracity and consistency of the evidence and the probability of the sequence of events.

The reconstruction may involve placing objects or vehicles in a specific arrangement at  the correct time of day to verify consistency with eyewitness accounts and the statement of the accused. Photographs or video of the reconstruction may be used to demonstrate the validity or otherwise of a particular configuration of objects at the scene of the incident.

A detailed plan and photographic album of the scene may be used to illustrate several issues regarding the incident or testimony.

Eye witness testimony and possibly statements from suspects can be tested to verify or disprove consistency with the reconstruction.

This is usually done in collaboration with the attorneys or advocates in criminal cases and the reconstrcution is presented in court.

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